RedLens Thermography

Thermographic Deliverables: Mapping Thermographic Imagery

Thermography is typically delivered to a customer in a "photographic" format, and the finding is presumed to be recognizable. More often than not, it is not.


Thermography (Thermographic Video) of a Harley Davidson Warming Up on a Freezing Morning

We've been very, very busy between several flight hours in January, adapting thermography into a industrial/manufacturing line, and thermal video production. Thermal video is important because so many thermal phenomena are temporal.


Oblique Aerial Thermography of Downtown Boise

An hour before dawn on a subfreezing winter morning we accomplished an oblique aerial thermographic portfolio of downtown Boise.


Oblique Aerial Thermography of a Natural Gas Fired Power Generation Plant

The new Langley Gulch (south of New Plymouth, Idaho and just east of Ontario, Oregon) power generation plant is operational.


Oblique Aerial Thermography

Most aerial thermography is accomplished with the lens axis pointing at the center of the earth. This methodology produces an image that is best suited for mapping and other spatial/photogrammetrical applications.


Aerial Thermography of Geothermal Systems and GIS

In March we "flew" a section of downtown Boise, Idaho that has a complex geothermal system.


Aerial Thermography of Industrial Assets

Thermography may be able to cross the line of reasonable expectations that the character of an industrial asset may be not be remotely sensed.


Aerial Thermography of Membrane Roofing

The orthothermograph ("orthographic," or "vertical" aerial thermograph) below is of a portion of the east end of the Boise State Campus.


Aerial Thermography of Geothermal Features in Boise, Idaho

The orthothermograph ("orthographic," or "vertical" aerial thermograph) below is of the St. Luke's Regional Medical Center at the intersection of Broadway and Warm Springs Blvds. in Boise, Idaho.


Aerial Thermography of Pond Recirculation Plumes

The following image is an orthogonal (vertical) aerial thermograph of a landscape pond in a residential subdivision.